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Hi there!

Welcome! Im genuinely so happy you're here. My name is Michelle and Im the author of her whimsy; a little space on the web Ive created to share our home and the people that live in it.


[a little deeper]

My hubby is a firefighter, my high school sweet heart and the absolute love of my life. We are best friends. He’s the hardest worker I know and works tirelessly to give us the absolute best life. Plus, he’s beautiful. In short: I hit the jackpot, and I know it.

22 weeks pregnant with my Charlotte girl

22 weeks pregnant with my Charlotte girl

Though my background is in special education and non-profit, in this season I am privileged to be able to stay home with my four littles. The first three of our four children came to us through foster care- our oldest we finalized adopting this year (YAY) and the other two we're fostering and loving as our own until we find out what their fate holds- side note, if you see their faces blurred in my photos, its because we can’t show their identities online- I love the work that I do in caring for all three of their unique needs.

Aarron, 7, J, 5 & S, 4 & technically Charlotte is in this photo as I was secretly just 5 weeks pregnant!  <the girls names are hidden to protect identity (foster care)>

Aarron, 7, J, 5 & S, 4 & technically Charlotte is in this photo as I was secretly just 5 weeks pregnant!

<the girls names are hidden to protect identity (foster care)>

I also just recently birthed our first biological child, Charlotte. This little nugget is an answer to prayer in so many ways. She’s exceeded my expectations of what the blessing of a baby truly is. Infertility is something Ive struggled through for many years. Im sure I'll share that journey here on the blog, but for now we're just reveling in the beauty of our tiny miracle.


The world of foster care is messy. Its scary, frightening and confusing on the best days. Its a strange set of emotions because with every milestone and moment of beauty, comes sadness because they’re not with their parents. Also, foster care comes with struggle-for these children and those caring for them. Kids don’t go through such a thing without processing it outwardly in a myriad of ways, namely behavior. And although fostering children has been completely beautiful and fulfilling, it can also make our home feel chaotic and “swirly”, as I often say. Making the time in my life to style our home, to make it cozy, yet functional, and then seeing my family enjoy it; this brings me so much joy. It has been a creative outlet, and has helped me through some of the darker seasons of this journey; I just want to share that with others.


I have always loved interior design, namely home transformations. Seeing beautiful homes restored to beauty is what makes my heart go pitter patter. I used to do architecture tours with my dad, and they are still some of my favorite memories. In my married life, my husband and I have resided in four different homes (two homes, two apartments). Though my styles have transformed and evolved over time, one thing was always my most important goal: make each space feel warm and cozy. Home should be a place that makes you feel like you want to always come back.

I have this deep desire to help women create spaces of warmth…spaces that showcase their style while still being functional. I am hoping this blog can help bring us all together and inspire one another to find joy, beauty and excitement in the everyday mundane.

Alongside home design, you'll likely see posts on other things I'm passionate about...marriage, motherhood, adoption, faith, and any way I can express my creative side!

Im so glad you're here. xo

Autumn Decor for the Neutral Lover

Autumn Decor for the Neutral Lover