Family Day: Autumn Edition

Family Day: Autumn Edition

Autumn in Chicago really is beautiful. We may not be known for our landscape, per say, but when the leaves begin to change and the temperatures cool down, Chicago really is a beautiful place. My hubby is a firefighter, with a second job on his off days; so when he gets a Saturday and Sunday off together, we try to take the opportunity to do something fun with our little family. Today we packed up our crew and headed to the pumpkin patch for some fall fun!

Chicago tends to go from 90 degrees and sweltering to like, snow. Overnight. And then, if it sees fit, sometimes it’ll throw in another week of summer, just for kicks and giggles. That’s kind of what happened here. Last week we were sweating and today it was fuuureeeezzzingggg. Hence the puffy coats and hats in October. Oh well, embrace the crazy. My life motto.


The suburbs of Chicago have several pumpkin patches to choose from, but we went with Johansen Farms this year, and it is really beautiful! Its one I frequented for years as a kid with my family, but I appreciate it so much more now as an adult! As you walk in there are just rows of gorgeous mums, piles of beautiful pumpkins, and the absolute divine smell of fresh cider donuts wafting through the air.


We took the opportunity to take some family photos which the kids mostly allowed. By “allowed” I mean they didn’t throw fits, so we’re calling that a win. The fact that they all look like they’re dying or completely uninterested? Well, we tried. lol.


Charlotte is clearly SO into this…. ;)


Charlotte adores her big brother. Honestly he is the only one who can always get a smile out of her, no matter her mood. And she has a lot of moods. lol. Its my favorite thing…I hope they grow close as they get older. I know he’s going to be the best (and very protective) big brother.


We had nachos, jumped on the jumpy houses, indulged in some cider donuts and sipped on hot apple cider. It was just the most delightful day! On the way out the kids got to pick out a pumpkin to take home.

Whitagram-Image copy.JPG

….even Charlie Rae got a little pumpkin. <insert a million heart eye emojis because I cannot even handle her cuteness>


As my littles grow older, I want to be more present. I want to make family memories. The kind that transcend the bad stuff…Especialy in our world. The hard stuff is really hard, you guys. Like on any random Tuesday one of them could be sobbing in my arms about their biological mom; that kind of hard. I can’t make the hard go away, but I can sure try to build a beautiful life to cushion the hard. All while hopefully showing the love of Jesus to their tiny hearts. Ps- I am NOT great at this…but every day is a new day and the best any of us can do as parents is our VERY best, asking forgiveness when we suck, and loving hard.

What do you do for autumn fun with your families?! Im always looking for some new ideas!

Xoxo Michelle

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