Easy Apple Crisp

Easy Apple Crisp


Any kind of dessert with the word “crisp” in the title, I am here for. It usually means brown sugar was toasted in some way shape or form which is always a good thing! This apple crisp recipe is one Ill make all year round but is especially delicious when all the apples are in season in the fall. I have used all sorts of apples for this (you can really use any of your favorite apples in this, and it will be delicious).


This time I used a new favorite of mine, the Envy apple. They’re like the poor mans Honey Crisp lol. They are VERY juicy and still have that good crunch when you bite into them.

This recipe is my moms and has been through her family for some time. It shows up at a lot of our family gatherings because its is amazinggggg.

First things first, get yourself one of these! This thing looks like its from the 1920’s (and maybe it is?) but its amazing. It slices, cores and peels your apples in one motion! Im all about that life.


Ok, so on to the recipe! Pre-heat your oven to 350 while you work, that way its ready as soon as you’re done. And you’ll probably be done about the same time as it preheats, because this is so quick to whip up! You’re going to either love me or hate me after this ;)

You’ll need about 6-8 medium apples. First slice, core & peel them. After you've done that, put them in a bowl and place to the side.


Get out your stick of butter and flour. Slice up the butter and mix it with the one cup flour in the bowl. You want your butter cold for this, this is what makes the delicious crumble topping.


If you have one, the easiest way to mix the crumble topping is with a pastry cutter. Ive had this little guy for years and it works like a champ! You need to kind of roll the butter into the flour over and over until it resembles a crumble topping.


Add 1/4 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup of white sugar to the topping mixture. Mix together with a fork until well combined.


Get out your preferred dish- you can make this in any kind of dish you like! Something that is close to a 9x9 glass or ceramic dish always works best for me but you truly can’t mess this up! Grease your dish with some cooking spray or butter. Put one layer of apples on the bottom of the dish and sprinkle white sugar over top. Then put another layer of apples and sprinkle brown sugar over that layer. Follow this pattern until you’ve used up all of your apples. When you’ve finished, pour your crumble topping over top and evenly spread it to cover the entire crumble.


Put it in the oven for one hour, upping the temperature slightly for the last 10 minutes to brown the top. And….VOILA! Just like the you’ve made a melty, gooey, appley, sweet and delicious dessert that I HIGHLY recommend you serve with Trader Joes french vanilla ice cream because YES.

IMG_6473 2.JPG

Easy Apple Crisp

1 cup flour

6-8 medium apples of choice

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup white sugar

1 stick butter

Preheat your oven to 350. Peel, slice and core your apples. Set aside. In a separate dish put in your stick of butter, diced up into smaller pieces, with one cup of flour. Mix with a pastry cutter or fork until it resembles a crumble consistency. Grease your dish and layer one layer of apples on the bottom. Sprinkle some white sugar over that layer, then place another layer of apples on top of that, sprinkle with brown sugar. Repeat this until all apples are layered up in the dish. Cover the top with the crumble topping, making sure it is spread even. Put it in the oven for one hour, upping the temp to 400 degrees for the last ten minute to brown.

Serving suggestion; TJ’s french vanilla ice cream.


xoxo Michelle

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