Autumn Decor for the Neutral Lover

Autumn Decor for the Neutral Lover

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is a very close second, but fall is special to me. My life is swirly, messy and loud. Theres a lot of chaos and crazy- hello newborn baby, foster children, adoption, special needs, home renovation- feel me? Did I mention Im sort of an introvert? Who thrives on quiet? Yeah. Its a lot. But it seems like no matter how much crazy is happening around me, when autumn comes, theres a stillness that comes with it. School is back in session, the weather is cooler, summer activities wind down…theres just a slowing of pace and boy am I ever HERE for it.


As much as I love this season, I have always found it challenging to incorporate it into my home from a decor perspective. As you get to know me and my style, you’ll see Im a very neutral gal. My wardrobe consists of black, grey, beige with an occasional WILD pop of color that resembles what I call “rust”. So, in a season that so beautifully explodes color, I find none of them jive well with my home. I like to use whites, golds and earth tones when making interior design decisions. This makes yellow, orange and red very difficult to work with. BUT: good news for us neutral lovers…Target and HomeGoods SEE us, and have created white, gold and blush toned fall decor.


I am, mostly not by choice (LOL), a budget spender. My tastes evolve and change as I do, and I don’t like being locked into one style. So, every year I allow myself to purchase one or two new things for my fall decor.

That is such a HUGE tip for those of you who are like me- on-a-budget, lover of shopping, but also lover of mimilasm. Is there are name for us? We’ll call ourselves unicorns ;) Anyway, biggest tip, spend wisely on pieces you LOVE and that will last your ever changing styles so they continue to grow with you.


Last year I bought this pink beaded square pillow from HomeGoods, and this year found a lumbar one that literally looks like it makes a set. I love them!

That mirror…ugh. All my home design dreams came true when Id finally saved up for it. Its one of my favorite pieces in my home- its from Anthropologie, by the way. That has literally nothing to do with this post, I was just swooning for a minute.


Another thing I have been loving is amber glass. I just think its beautiful. Its unique, interchangeable with just about any season or decor, and cheappppp (yauusss). Ive been collecting little pieces here and there as I see them. They warm up my otherwise very neutral spaces and Im loving it for the autumn season.


Why yes; yes I do have that Hearth and Home harvest candle everywhere in my home. It smells like autumn in a jar- its the PERFECT scent for the season.


Velvet pumpkins?! Yes please. Since, as I have already mentioned, I don’t love the traditional fall decor, Ive discovered that a good way to add some depth, texture and new tones throughout the house is with these little pumpkins. I find ones I love here and there and they coordinate beautifully with one another. This little suede pumpkin I got from the dollar spot at Target, I have another one in a beautiful sage color that sits on my mantle.

CAN WE TALK about this gorgeous blown glass pumpkin?! I am in LOVE with it. The photo doesn’t do it justice. It is so beautiful and when theres a flickering candle next to it, it brings all the cozy feels to life.


One last way I add autumn to my home is by bringing in seasonal floral. Basically I go to Trader Joes (while picking up their GF pumpkin pancake mix which is LIFE) and mix florals until my heart says YES. This week I was feeling the earthy greens and deep toned mauve florals.

I arranged them in my new amber glass vase (which you can’t see in the photo but its lovely) and placed them on my living room end table. Just like that, it brought the whole space together. Florals will do that. If you were to ask me, “Michelle, whats a tip for freshening up a space on a super tight budget?”….florals….and a fresh coat of paint, if you’re feeling daring ;)

Thats about it for me this year! I kept it very simple. Mama NEEDED simple this year. I also did a little autumn sprucing on my front porch which I will share soon too!

Are you an autumn lover? How do you incorporate its cozy feels into your home?!



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