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Friday, February 9, 2018

Hi there!

Welcome! Im genuinely, so happy you're here. My name is Michelle and Im the author of her whimsy; a little space on the web Ive created to share our home transformation, a glimpse into our little world, and the things I am passionate about.

[a little deeper]

My hubby is a firefighter and I am privileged to be able to stay home with my three littles. All three of our children are foster children (for now!) and I love the work that I do in caring for their unique needs.

Ever since I can remember, Ive loved home decor. Its transformed and evolved with me over time, and I love that about it. Its an art form and one that should be expressed in a way that makes you feel warm inside. Home should be a place that makes you feel warm inside.

As we renovate and decorate this, our fourth home, our style is beginning to come through. My husband and I have found that although we are very different in style, we both want our home to be inviting, cozy as well as a place that our family, and those that enter our home, feel comfortable. With our design style, however, compromise is key. For the most part, I love a neutral, minimalist style with rustic elements; while my hubby loves color and clean, modern lines. Lets just say when we're in a store, and find something we both love, WE BUY ALL OF IT. haha!

Alongside home design, you'll likely see posts on other things I'm passionate about...marriage, motherhood, faith, and any way I can express my creative side!

whimsy: noun. playfully quaint or fanciful.

I named this blog her whimsy, because it should be a place of beauty and playfulness, with just a touch of fancy.

Im so glad you're here. xo

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