Mothers Day Celebration At The Allis

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mothers Day remains a strange day for me to acknowledge myself. Its always been a day we celebrate mom, and it remains that...but since taking in our little man (some of that story here), Ive become a mama. A foster mama, but definitely a mama. Because he's not ours officially though, I sometimes feel guilty being honored on this day. My family won't have that, however, and we were all celebrated today.

Because our little guy is our foster child still (although we're moving towards adoption...inching there, really)...we have to cover his face as his identity can't legally be shown on the inter-webs. But believe you-me, the MOMENT he's mine, I will plaster the internet with his cuteness. Because he's freakin cute. For now, have a look at my precious nephew rockin' the boy band hair. I can't. He's too presh.

Me on the left with my two best girls. My mama in the middle and my little sis on the right. I really hit the jackpot here you two closest and trusted friends built right into my family. I adore them.

You guys. This place though. I cannot even put into words how much I adored this place! Everything is exposed- brick, light fixtures, everything. Its a very artsy, industrial, hip vibe and I just love it. The food was fabulous, the staff delightful and the coffee was perfection. I think my favorite detail is how everything is served on china. Its just the most delightful touch that makes you feel like you're at home...if home is mansion to you, that is. One can dream.

Tell me you don't want to sit in that pink velvet chair and sip tea from that china ALL DAY. I dare you.

 Even the bathroom was cute!

The Allis is located Near West Side, Chicago. Its a young, hip area of Chicago with so much to do and see. We walked around quite a bit just enjoying each other and the people watching. 

It was a perfect day out with my people! xo

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