How I Styled My Front Entryway

Thursday, May 18, 2017

I don't know if Ive quite figured out what to call my style. I definitely am a minimalist. In fact thats my "word" for 2017. Minimal. My goal this year is to create a space we love, fits our needs and feels like home; but is free of clutter. We have had our home now since April, 2013. We wanted to go all Chip and Joanna and buy ourselves a fixer upper. And boy did we ever. We have completely transformed this 100+ year old farmhouse into (almost) our dream home. We've poured so many hours of our lives into it that seeing it come together has been amazing. We still have so many projects going on and finishing touches all around the house, but I thought it would be fun to document what we've accomplished here on my new little space of the web. 

This entryway has seen a LOT of changes. For a period of time this was my "office". My desk was here and although it was functional, it always bugged me that you walk into our home and BAM! Theres my home office. Not ideal. So, after finishing our upstairs and creating an additional two bedrooms, we were able to create a home office out of one of the downstairs bedrooms, leaving this space for my creative juices to flow. I found this furniture piece at a local (favorite) antique shop. She had refinished it, found some beautiful vintage hardware and when I saw it I knew it was "the one". I love the mid-century modern legs, the color is gorgeous and that brass hardware gives me all the feels. 

Home decor is my happy place.  When our social worker was recently interviewing us for our upcoming adoption (story here) she asked me what I do for stress relief and without hesitation I said "home decor". Much to my husbands chagrin (insert halo emoji).

I hope you'll stick around as I share our home with you all! xo

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