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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hi there!

Welcome to our home. Im genuinely, so happy you're here. My name is Michelle and Im the author of her whimsy; a little space on the web Ive created to share how my husband and I are transforming our 100 year old "suburban farmhouse" into a home.

[a little deeper]

My hubby is a firefighter and I work as a retreat director for those with disabilities. Through my job, we were introduced to a sweet little two year old who is now our crazy little five year old! He's still currently our foster son [soon to be adopted-yay!]. We also have a one year old mini-australian shepherd who is basically like our second child, lets be real. Even though this is a home inspiration blog, you'll see sightings of some of these things, as they are my souls passions as well.

Ever since I can remember, Ive loved home decor. Its transformed and evolved with me over time, and I love that about it. Its an art form and one that should be expressed in a way that makes you feel warm inside. Home should be a place that makes you feel warm inside.

As we renovate and decorate this, our fourth home, our style is beginning to come through. We have found that although we are very different in style, we both love rustic, industrial pieces. Even still, compromise is key. For the most part, I love neutral, rustic, modern farmhouse style; while my hubby loves clean, modern lines. Lets just say when we're in a store, and find something we both love, WE BUY ALL OF IT. haha!

So, if you love home decor [and can put up with a little of our weird and crazy], come along for this crazy ride!

Im so glad you're here! xo


  1. Bless you and your husband! Found your site through Helene in Between and I cannot handle the good you both do for the world! I cannot wait to read more!

    1. Aww thank you so much for your sweet comment! <3


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